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$1.5M NSF Grant Awarded To Create Optimally Controlled Prosthetics
Dan Simon, Ton van den Bogert, and Hans Richter have been awarded a 4 year NSF grant to work on optimal controlled prosthesis designs. Our lab will be working on data collection and analysis for optimal walking patterns.
Anne's paper was published
2014 Midwest Regional Biomechanics Meeting at University of Akron
We are going to be at this year's midwest biomechanics meeting just south of us at the University of Akron in March. Ton will be giving the first keynote address at the mini-conference. Details inside...
Anne passed her candidacy exam
Anne passed her defense
Anne won the 3-Minute Thesis Competition
Check out our YouTube channel
We started a YouTube channel to kickstart our lab social media experience.
Cleveland State Tumblr Blog Post on the recent NSF Grant
Cleveland State wrote up a short blog post about Dr. Simon, Dr. Richter, and Dr. van den Bogert about their recent $1.5M NSF grant.
CSU's College of Engineering Receives $10M Gift
Doctoral Scholarships Available
Four faculty positions open in Mechanical Engineering
HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb)
A potential competitor of the Indego
Hanz Richter is giving a talk on powered prosthetics
How to balance a couch on its corner
A neat demonstration of using reaction wheels to balance an unusual object.
Huawei's paper was published
Indego visits the Cleveland Clinic
Keyaira and Marcus finished their REU Projects
Latest article on real time arm model is published
"Real-Time Simulation of Three-Dimensional Shoulder Girdle and Arm Dynamics" has been published in the IEEE Journal of Biomedical Engineering
Look for us at the CSU Research Day on April 10
Samin and Sandy will be presenting posters at the CSU Research Day on their research.
MASB and PYCON Tutorial Materials Available
Obinna and Jason gave two tutorials on doing dynamics with Python at MASB and PYCON 2014.
Milad passed his thesis defense
Milad was awarded an excellent thesis award
NAO stands up and walks toward US President Barack Obama
In other news, NAO plans to register as a Democrat.
NAO stands up and walks toward US President Barack Obama
In other news, NAO plans to register as a Democrat.
New COSMED System Running
Sabrina was our first COSMED test subject while Anne controlled the treadmill to different speeds and slopes.
Nice article about the lab in the plain dealer.
John Mangels wrote this really nice article about the lab just after the grand opening. Ton and John had a really good interview session and John was able to craft a nice piece.
Obinna Nwanna Passed His Masters Degree Defense
Obinna passed his defense for his Master's degree today and will be the lab's first graduate! Congratulations to Obinna! Obinna's thesis is entitled "Validation of an Acceleration Based Method of Human Gait Analysis".
Our gait data paper has been published in PeerJ
This paper describes an elaborate data set containing over 25,000 gait cycles of walkers while they are externally perturbed. It is ideal for control identification and validation.
Our tutorial on "Simulation and Control of Biomechanical Systems with Python" at the Akron ASB Conference Announced
Obinna and I will be giving a tutorial showing folks how to do dynamics and control of a biomechanical system using Python (SymPy, NumPy, SciPy, PyDy) on March 4th, 2014 at the Midwest American Society of Biomechanics Regional conference at the University of Akron. Only 35 slots are open for the tutorial, sign up now!
Promo video of the lab grand opening
This video was made by CSU as a promo for our lab grand opening.
Sabrina Abram receives Vanier Scholarship
Samin wins best poster at the CSU Research Day
Samin Askarian won first place and $300 for her posted entitled " Identification of Feedback Control in an Inverted Pendulum Model of Standing" at the 2014 CSU Research Day.
Sandy and Anne will present at ISB Glasgow
Sandy and Farbod presented at Dynamic Walking
Sandy passed her Candidacy Exam
Sandy passed her defense
Sandy's paper was published
The HMC lab presented at ASB
The NAO Humanoid Robot Arrived
Roman is going to be working with the NAO humanoid robot for his senior thesis project. It just came in the mail today.
Three lab members to present at the ASB Midwest meeting
Volunteers Needed for Research Study
We are seeking volunteers for a research study that will provide the essential data needed for the development of better control system for powered prosthetics.
[Position Filled] We are seeking an undergraduate lab assistant
We will be hiring an undergraduate lab assistant for the coming year(s). See below for the announcement.