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Four faculty positions open in Mechanical Engineering

Our department is recruiting four tenure-track faculty this year:

Assistant Professor - Biomechanics:
Assistant Professor - Manufacturing Engineering:
Assistant Professor - Energy Systems:
Assistant Professor - Robotics and Controls:

We are particularly interested in candidates with a background in rehabilitation robotics, including prosthetics and powered exoskeletons, for either the biomechanics or the robotics position. Tissue and joint mechanics are also of interest. Biomechanics and rehabilitation technology are rapidly becoming a focus of research in our department and across the College of Engineering. In the past year, we have attracted research funding from the Parker-Hannifin corporation, the Ohio Third Frontier, and the National Science Foundation.

State of the art laboratory facilities for human movement analysis are available, including an instrumented and actuated treadmill, 10-camera motion capture, wireless accelerometers, metabolic analysis, and wireless EMG.

Please feel free to contact me for additional information.

Ton van den Bogert

Antonie J. (Ton) van den Bogert
Parker-Hannifin Endowed Chair in Human Motion and Control
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Cleveland State University