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Volunteers Needed for Research Study

We are seeking volunteers for a research study that will provide the essential data needed for the development of better control system for powered prosthetics.

We need participants for a research study, “Identification of Human Control during Walking and Running”, in the Parker-Hannifin Laboratory for Human Motion and Control

Description of Project

We are studying the mechanics and control of human motion, and we use this information to help design better prosthetic limbs. Your participation will take about two and a half hours. We will ask you to walk and run on a treadmill at five different speeds, for ten minutes at each speed. Reflective markers will be attached to your body to help us record your movements.

To participate

You must be at least 18 and at most 40 years old, have never had surgery on your legs, and be able to run comfortably for 10 minutes at a pace of 8.25 minutes per mile.

To learn more

Contact research assistant Roman Boychuk at or 440-655-7120.

This research is conducted under the direction of Dr. Antonie van den Bogert, Mechanical Engineering Department, and has been reviewed and approved by the CSU Institutional Review Board.