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Presentations by lab members


Opensim Webinar -- September 26, 2019

Anne Koelewijn, Ton van den Bogert, Metabolic cost modeling: Experimental validation and predictive simulations. [slides] [video]

CSU Center for Human-Machine Systems -- August 27, 2019

Ton van den Bogert, Trajectory optimization for musculoskeletal state estimation with IMU sensors. [slides]


XV Symposium on 3D Analysis of Human Movement, Salford, UK

Ton van den Bogert, Herman Woltring memorial lecture: Optimal estimation of human movement, from smoothing splines to musculoskeletal optimal control [slides]

Dynamic Walking, Pensacola, Florida

Huawei Wang: Stable controller identification in healthy human standing balancing (1mins video, my poster, Conference Summary, Conference Schedule, Interesting Posters)

Farzad Ehtemam: The effect of speed on responses to mechanical perturbations (5 mins talk, poster, collected poster)



BMES Annual Conference, Phoenix. AZ

Huawei Wang: Ramp perturbation is too simple to identify realistic controller in standing balancing (poster)

ASME IDETC-CIE Conference, Cleveland, OH

Anne Koelewijn: Predictive simulatioms of gait predict larger foot clearance in a stochastic environment. (abstract)

Dynamic Walking, Mariehamn, Aland, Finland

Anne Koelewijn: Better safe than sorry: stochastic optimal-control of gait predicts larger foot clearance (abstract)

Huawei Wang: Ramp perturbation tests are too simple to identify a realistic controller in human standing balance (abstract)




ASB Annual Conference, Raleigh. NC

Farbod Rohani: Optimal Control of an Electromechanical Above-Knee Active Prostheses with Energy Regeneration (abstract)

Raviraj Nataraj: Simulation Analysis of Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) Control of Gait - Implications for Exoskeleton Control (abstract, slides)

Sandra Hnat: Are Virtual Muscles and Reflex Controllers Capable of Describing Variations within the Gait Cycle? (abstract, poster)

BANCOM, Deercreek State Park, Mt Sterling, OH

Anne Koelewijn: A Novel Approach to Solve Predictive Simulations in a Stochastic Environment. (abstractposter)

Dynamic Walking, Camp Ohiyesa, MI

Farbod Rohani: Simultaneous optimization of design and control parameters in a powered prosthesis with energy regeneration. (abstract, poster)

Sandra Hnat: Virtual muscle and reflex controllers are capable of describing human gait and responses to perturbation. (abstract, poster, slides)

Huawei Wang: Controller identification of Standing Balance (poster)

Fourth International Conference on Multibody System Dynamics, Montreal, QC

Anne Koelewijn: Trajectory Optimization in Stochastic Multibody Systems using Direct Collocation. (abstract)




Research Day, Washkewicz College of Engineering, Cleveland, OH

Sandra Hnat: A Real-Time Virtual Muscle Controller for Prosthesis. 2nd place (poster)

TedX Cleveland State University, Cleveland OH

Ton van den Bogert: Robotic Biomimicry. (video)

ASB Annual Conference, Columbus, OH

Anne Koelewijn: Influence of Stiffness of an Ankle-Foot Orthosis on Gait - a Predictive Simulation Study. (abstract)

Milad Zarei: Predictive Simulation of Rowing Exercise using GPOPS-II. (abstract, poster)

Dynamic Walking, Columbus, OH

Anne Koelewijn: Improving Below-Knee Amputee Gait - A Simulation Study of Pareto-optimal Movement Trajectories. (abstract, poster)

Sandra Hnat: A Real-Time Virtual Muscle System for Prosthesis Control (abstract, poster)

XXV Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics, Glasgow, UK

Anne Koelewijn: Is Kinetic Asymmetry in Below-Knee Amputee Gait Inevitable? - a Predictive Simulation Study. (presentation)

Sandra Hnat: Real-Time Virtual Muscle Control for Prostheses and Exokseletons. Finalist for David Winter Young Investigator Award (abstract, presentation)

Midwest ASB Regional Meeting, Akron, OH

Sandra Hnat: A Real-Time Virtual Muscle Controller for Prosthesis. (abstract, slides)




Human Motion Seminar Series

Ton van den Bogert: Space-time methods for trajectory optimization.  (slides, matlab code)

World Congress of Biomechanics, Boston, MA

Sandra Hnat: Inertial compensation in moving force plates.  (abstractslides)

Midwest ASB Regional Meeting, Akron, OH

Sandra Hnat: Inertial compensation in moving force plates. (abstract, slides)

Research Day, Washkewicz College of Engineering, Cleveland, OH

Samin Askarian: Identification of feedback control in an inverted pendulum model of standing. (poster)




Dynamic Walking, Pittsburgh, PA

Ton van den Bogert: Task-based Trajectory Optimization in Musculoskeletal Systems.(abstract, video)




IUTAM Symposium on Human Body Dynamics, Waterloo, Ont

Ton van den Bogert: Implicit methods for efficient musculoskeletal simulation and optimal control. (slides)